​Menswear Manufacturer and Wholesaler in Bangalore​., We are one of the leading Garment factory in Bangalore, India, AB Clothing Co.is your ultimate one-stop destination. Among the latest mens trends manufacturere and wholesalers in the country, we have totally 04 premium brands. We have ISO 9001:2015 cerified company to meet standards in Manufacturing sectors. Our dedication to quality, adherence to stringent manufacturing standards, Our AIM to provide zero defects, perfect fitting with fine quality fabrics mens wear. We manufacture all kinds of mens wear , Shirts, Jeans , Chinos, Shorts, Track Pants, Hoodies and Tshirts since 15 years. We have started our manufacturing unit in Bangalore in 2008 with the Guidance of Srinivas V having more than 20years experience in export Garment. We are happy to serve customers by providing best quality and Price.